The very last day to watch TV

We try to live a low-media life but I admit that there are times that I succumb to the power of TV when I feel overwhelmed with life. Whenever I allow my kids to watch TV, I know I will pay for it much later (there will be tantrums, it will be harder to bring them to bed, etc). Most…

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Home Stuff

Recipe: Salpicao (aka Reminiscing the days of meat LOL!)

Pre-pescitarian days, J and I were meat lovers.Hahahaha! Seriously, do you know the Shakeys All Meat pizza? The one with the extra dressing on top. There was a whole two weeks that was our dinner EVERY night! OMG, right?! *And now I am paying the price because I still about 15lbs to lose!* Anyway, recipes and beef salpicao were discussed…

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Freebie! I Want To Be

So I know I have been gone a while but I am working on a new blog interface and a new blog address (suggestions for a new blog name, anyone?) and I was not supposed to blog yet I was just so excited to share this Theres this website called Educents. They give coupons to get discounts on educational products…

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