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So I know I have been gone a while but I am working on a new blog interface and a new blog address (suggestions for a new blog name, anyone?) and I was not supposed to blog yet I was just so excited to share this

Theres this website called Educents. They give coupons to get discounts on educational products offered by other websites. I learned this from Rhoda, a friend I met through N@W. I signed up for an account (which was a hassle, I tell you) but it was totally worth it because now, I am getting email updates for the deals and coupons and freebies.

The other day, I got an email from Educents informing their subscribers about a freebie offered by The Old Schoolhouse. They are offering the I Want To Be Ebook Series (normally sold at $98.45) FOR FREE for a limited time! I was super excited!!! And after I have downloaded the books, I was not disappointed at all with the quality. Ang ganda!

There are 11 books in total. I want to be

I Want To Be from The Old Schoolhouse

An Artist
A Chef
A Doctor
A Firefighter
A Vet
A Farmer
A Military
A Missionary
A Pilot
A Police Office
A Video Game Designer

And then each book discusses the specific occupation in detail from the point of view of real people. Aliw! Like for the Chef books, it has stories of real life chefs Katherine Afendoules-Emmenegger and Tina Yvonne. The stories are written from their point of views. It also discusses the different kinds of chefs restaurant chefs, provate chefs, caterers, institutional chefs, etc. And then there are recipes to try; words/glossary to study; crossword puzzles, loop a word, etc. to answer. 🙂

If you want to get the I Want To Be Ebooks, just click HERE and you will be taken to Educents. Make an account with them and wait for the email. The email will contain the voucher and the coupon code. You then need to go to The Old Schoolhouse and make an account with them and you will be able to download the books. Hurry, you have 4 days 5 hours and 15 minutes to do this! Enjoy!


Disclaimer: The Old Schoolhouse is a Christian organization and the books have a Christian feel to it. This is actually a good thing for me but might not be for everyone. 🙂

Disclaimer 2: I am not in any way receiving payment for writing this post. Just making that clear. 🙂

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