The very last day to watch TV

We try to live a low-media life but I admit that there are times that I succumb to the power of TV when I feel overwhelmed with life. Whenever I allow my kids to watch TV, I know I will pay for it much later (there will be tantrums, it will be harder to bring them to bed, etc). Most of the time, that alone stops me. Sometimes, though, I feel like I am drowning that I concede. The past few weeks have been so stressful for me that I felt I was like a ticking bomb. At one time, Natasha asked me for scissors so she could cut and I asked her if she wanted to watch TV. Yes, I practically gave her the remote! Really bad! 🙁 Things are, thank God, much better now, but I am still catching up with backlogs.

This morning, I made the mistake of telling Natasha that her teeth seemed to have discolored. What followed was unstoppable crying while she insisted that I brush her teeth right now, right now! She was crying while I was flossing and brushing her. She kept on repeating that she does not like bacteria to eat her teeth.

After that tiring brushing episode, she asked me if she could go to our bedroom. When I said yes, she asked me if she could do something that will not make her feel alone. Whatever you think is best, Mommy. Something that will not make me feel alone in the bedroom. I knew that she wanted to watch TV. Haha! Ang galing naman kasing humirit di ba? I told her to bring her toys or books to bed and continued to play innocent until she told me right out, Mommy, I am talking about watching TV. I promise this will be the very, very last time I will watch TV.

I did not have the energy to give her an alternative activity so what I did was to make her write a contract stating that today is the last day she will watch TV. Hahahaha!

I told her that next time she asks if she can watch TV, I will just say no because we have a contract. Of course, she readily agrees. Hahaha!

Oh well, the funny thing was I was a bit scared while I was telling her about the contract because this will also mean that I cannot succumb to TV anymore! LOL! Oh well, I think I will be able to finish all my to-dos today and by tomorrow, we can go back to our normal no-TV life. Good luck to me!


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